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Rachel 4

Rachel Meddings

Rachel has been a musician her whole life, always singing, tinkering on a piano and making up tunes. Everything changed when she found her true love – bass guitar. It may not be a traditionally ‘feminine’ instrument, but it became a staple in her musical identity. Since then, she’s worked as a pit musician for several shows, working with many as a songwriter and producer and completed a first class degree in Music from LIPA. Although Rachel loves being part of the music industry, it can still be difficult as a woman in the performing arts. Sometimes it’s having an amplifier mansplained to you or debating whether you can wear that skirt on stage because it might be a little short and despite your best efforts, those thoughts may always be there.

Rachel is excited to join the We Want Women team to help bring some attention to women in the performing arts industry and create equal opportunities, stating: “I’ve always wanted to find a safe space for women to network and showcase our talent and potential – it’s so great to finally find it!”.

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