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Claire Beerjeraz

Third up was the magnificent Claire Beerjeraz (Clairey PB) with her powerful and magnetic spoken…

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Lyndsay Price

A poetic treat from original artist, writer and all round creative, Lyndsay Price. Lyndsay Price…

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Tegan Tukana

Tegan Tukana performed a fun covers set of her favourite artists and got everyone singing…

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Episode 9 – Mazed

We Want Women are joined by international artist -MAZED She discusses her journey, and tribulations…

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Episode 1 – Jess Bloom

We Want Women joins us in the Big condo Online studio with hosts Nic Hardman…

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Episode 4 – Eve Howlett the Queen of Heartbreak

The women interview Eve Howlett the Queen of Heartbreak as they also hear her exotic…

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