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Claire Beerjeraz

Third up was the magnificent Claire Beerjeraz (Clairey PB) with her powerful and magnetic spoken word poetry.

Claire Beerjeraz is a Liverpool based, independent creative and trainee, arts-based psychotherapist with an interest in acting, poetry and music. She has facilitated workshops for Liverpool based schools in art/drama and worked with Blackfest as part of their 2020 #BLM soundscape and previously, performing at the Everyman Theatre as part of their ‘Hear Me Now’ monologue showcase. Claire is completing her MSc in Psychotherapy and Counselling: Contemporary Creative Connections at Edgehill University and is part of Tmesis Theatre’s Wicked Women Creative Development Course. She is passionate about combining therapy and expressive arts and would love to have her own communal artistic space to connect creative minds and provide holistic contemporary art workshops.

Instagram @claireypb

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