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Lyndsay Price

A poetic treat from original artist, writer and all round creative, Lyndsay Price.

Lyndsay Price is a Liverpool based spoken word artist with an interest in how art can be used as a tool to ignite social change.

Lyndsay writes mainly about: friendship, relationships, sexuality, fake news and 90’s movies. Brutally honest and almost aggressively vulnerable at times. Lyndsay’s work often takes on a philosophical nature, nearly always underpinned with an ounce of hope. She is inspired by the things that make us human, and spends her days attempting to name the feelings that often leave us speechless.

“A true poet and spoken word performer. If the heart were an instrument, Lyndsay would know just how to play its strings.”
– Matty “Delboy” Delaney

Instagram: @lyndsaywritespoems
Facebook: @lyndsaywritespoems

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